Wholesale supplier list update!

We have updated our Wholesale supplier list and now we have 54 mobile phone wholesale companies. All of these companies are legit and serious wholesale companies. They deal for quantities starting from 5 units to 2000 and more units per order. Companies distribute such brands as Apple iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, Motorola, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, HTC etc.

This list contains each wholesale company Name, Contact details, Address.

In our list are companies from followong countries:

United Kingdom – 13, Germany  – 3, Netherlands – 3, Austria -2, Czech Republic – 2
Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Denmark, Italy, Bulgaria, France, Spain,  Canada – 1
United States – 18, Hong Kong – 4

This list is for sale:

35 eur for list of Europe companies
35 eur for list of USA and HK companies
55 eur for both – full list of all companies

PS. We have more new companies attaching on the list soon!


wholesale supplier list


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