BlackBerry supplier in USA, New York

Latest Stock-list of Blackberry supplier in USA from few of our suppliers on the list . These are just few companies physical stock examples, there are more phones offered from more different companies.

Contact following supplier from list for more details:

BlackBerry supplier in USA:
Supplier #27: (New York)

BlackBerry Bold 9900 US spec. in stock 200pcs
BlackBerry Storm2 9550 Refurbished US spec. in stock 2000pcs
BlackBerry Torch 9810 US spec. in stock 200pcs


2 thoughts on “BlackBerry supplier in USA, New York”

  1. Hello Manager,
    My name is Plum, from W*** Wireless Co.,Ltd, we are specialized in blackberry phones and parts from the year of 2007, about 5 years experience.
    The BB phones from us are original unlocked, the mother boards are original imported from USA directly, they are nearly all new , never been changed, the full housings are all new and original from factory directly, ensure 100% in good quality , the PIN and IMEI are original from RIM company, we use SIM cards with blackberry service to test them one by one before shipping them out, so ensure they can work well anywhere in the world ! below is some price for your reference, the price ,we can discuss privately
    8520: $95 full kitted, black, white, red, ice blue, purple
    9780: $198 full kitted, black, white
    9800: $218 full kitted, black, white, red
    if you have any interests, pls add my MSN: wiss-plum at
    looking forward to your early reply !


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