Apple iPad 2 wholesale in US

Latest Stock-list of Apple iPad 2 wholesale  from few of our suppliers on located in US. These are just few companies physical stock examples, there are more phones offered from more different companies.

Supplier #6:
Apple IPad 2 WIFI + 3G 64GB US spec. 480
Apple IPad 2 WIFI 32GB US spec. 100
Supplier #9:
Apple IPad 2 WIFI + 3G 16GB US spec. 100
Apple IPad 2 WIFI + 3G 32GB US spec. 100
Apple IPad 2 WIFI + 3G 64GB US spec. 100
Apple IPad 2 WIFI 64GB US spec. 50

4 thoughts on “Apple iPad 2 wholesale in US”

  1. hello sir i,m writing from Pakistan an want to buy Apple Ipad2 16gb and 32 gb black and white colors. with perefect condition.

    Dear sir kindly send me price and method of payments and delievery time and charges

    waiting for your reply
    usman javed

  2. Hello,

    Kindly furnish me with price list for 500units of Ipad2 Wifi+3G 64GB US spec.
    I would want up to 1000units.

    Pls include the shipping cost to Jamaica – New York and the preferred mode of payment.


  3. I will like to import ipad 2 and 3, good fairly used ones to Nigeria. Can you provide me with a good price range and a means of payment and shipping duration and any other details you deem fit for me to know.
    thank you very much and looking forward to your reply.

    here is my mobile number, available at anytime of the day, +234706051****

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