Verified iPad & iPhone Wholesale Suppliers Physical Stock

Verified wholesalers on Wholesale Supplier List has iPad’s and iPhone’s available  This is just few supplier’s physical stock example, there are more phones offered from more different companies.

Contact following iPad & iPhone wholesale suppliers from list for more details:

United States:
Supplier #6:
Apple iPhone 4S 16Gb, US spec., in stock 150pcs
Apple iPhone 4 8Gb, US spec., in stock 100pcs

Hong Kong:
Supplier #1:
Apple iPhone 4S 16Gb, Asia spec., in stock 1400pcs
Also available iPod Touch:
Apple iPod Touch 8GB, Asia spec., in stock 1200pcs 
Supplier #8
Apple iPhone 4S 16GbAsia spec., in stock 300pcs
Apple iPhone 4S 32GbAsia spec., in stock 300pcs
Apple The New iPad WIFI+4G 16GB, Asia spec., in stock 300pcs

United Kingdom:
Supplier #1:
Apple The New iPad WIFI+4G 16GB, Euro spec., in stock 500pcs
Apple iPhone 4S 16GbEuro spec., in stock 100pcs
Supplier #2:
Apple The New iPad WIFI 16GB, UK spec., in stock 700pcs
Apple The New iPad WIFI 32GB, UK spec., in stock 550pcs

Supplier #12:
Apple The New iPad WIFI+4G 32GB, Euro spec., in stock 200pcs
Apple The New iPad WIFI+4G 64GB, Euro spec., in stock 500pcs

Buy our Wholesale Supplier list, and you will be able to see contact details of the above verified wholesale companies!


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  1. Hi,

    Please could you provide me with the prices for Ipad2, or 3, wifi and/ or 3g, 16 and 32 GB

    Also, are there price thresholds based on amounts purchased>

    Thanks for your anticipated help.


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