Our Germany supplier stock-list

Latest Stock-list of Mobile phone Germany supplier on the  www.wallofsale.com list. These are just few companies physical stock examples, there are more phones offered from more different companies.

Contact following Europe suppliers from list for more details:

Germany suppliers stock-list today (2011/04/15):

Apple iPhone 16gb – UK Spec QTY: 1000
Apple iPhone 16gb – EU Spec QTY: 600
Apple iPhone 32gb – UK Spec QTY: 150
Sony Ericsson W760i simfree QTY: 500
Sony Ericsson W200i simfree QTY: 400
Sony Ericsson X10 Mini Pro simfree QTY: 500
Sony Ericsson W205 simfree QTY: 150
Sony Ericsson Vivaz Black QTY: 500
Sony Ericsson W715 simfree QTY: 350
Sony Ericsson C905 Night simfree QTY: 300
Samsung S5620 , Black QTY: 1400
LG GD880 mini QTY: 100
Samsung S3550 white QTY: 700
Samsung B2100 Blk QTY: 1100
Nokia X6 16gb black QTY: 150
Samsung B2100 red QTY: 1600
Nokia 5530 original QTY: 1800
Nokia E7 German QTY: 150
Nokia 5800 black original QTY: 1900
Samsung S8500 Vodafone QTY: 450
HTCDesire HD tmob QTY: 250


Germany suppliers:

AppleiPhone 16gb – UK SpecQTY: 1000

AppleiPhone 16gb – EU SpecQTY: 600

AppleiPhone 32gb – UK SpecQTY: 150

Sony EricssonW760i simfreeQTY: 500

Sony EricssonW200i simfreeQTY: 400

Sony EricssonX10 Mini Pro simfreeQTY: 500

Sony EricssonW205 simfreeQTY: 150

Sony EricssonVivaz BlackQTY: 500

Sony EricssonW715 simfreeQTY: 350

Sony EricssonC905 Night simfreeQTY: 300

SamsungS5620 monty, Black welcome msgQTY: 1400

LGGD880 mini welcome msgQTY: 100

SamsungS3550 white welcome msgQTY: 700

SamsungB2100 BlkQTY: 1100

NokiaX6 16gb black welcome msgQTY: 150

SamsungB2100 red QTY: 1600

Nokia5530 original 10 days lead timeQTY: 1800

NokiaE7 GermanQTY: 150

Nokia5800 black originalQTY: 1900

SamsungS8500 Vodafone 2 days lead timeQTY: 450

HTCDesire HD tmob 2 days lead timeQTY: 250

All mobile phones are original, and genuine.  Stock located in Europe. Always deal with veriified and legitimate suppliers. Buy our list to receive contact details of above suppliers.


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