iPhone 4S wholesale US verified supplier in California

Latest Stock-list of Apple iPhone 4S wholesale US from one of our  verified suppliers on the  www.wallofsale.com list. This is just one supplier physical stock example, there are more phones offered from more different companies.

Contact following supplier of iPhone 4S wholesale US from list for more details:

USA, California:
Supplier #2:

Apple iPhone 4S 16Gb US spec., in stock 100pcs
Also available:
Apple iPod Touch 8GB US spec. in stock 1500pcs
Apple iPad 2 WIFI 16GB US spec. in stock 100pcs
Apple iPad 2 WIFI+3G 64GB US spec. in stock 70pcs
BlackBerry Bold 9900 in stock 500pcs
BlackBerry Curve 8520 UK spec. in stock 1000pcs

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6 thoughts on “iPhone 4S wholesale US verified supplier in California”

  1. hi sir i want to be your legal supplier of apple iphone for afghanistan but dont know how to do it could you please guide me a little bit please i can fully co-operate with you in covering afghanistan market because there we have too much demand for apple iphone

  2. really interested in your information. My company needs 300+ weekly for each type of iphone. Please send me prices and information. Thanks. fand****@gmail.com

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