How to sell products on Ebay guide

sell on ebay guide


Ebay is one of the largest marketplace online with over 150 million people selling, auctioning and buying items each day. Are you still thinking is it worth a try, the short answer is yes there are many successful Ebay entrepreneurs who started out small as part time job and ended up in big revenues, of course it takes time, patience and hard work, but it is definitely worth the struggle.

Getting started

Getting started on Ebay is quite easy, first thing you will need to do is set up business account, think of a catchy name for you (actually this might be a little tricky), then you will need to fill out few things about you and add an Paypal account. Next you will need to complete Ebay ID verification process and you are ready to add your first listing.

Choosing your products

In 2016 iPhone 5 was 4th most sold electronic item on Ebay 3rd place got Samsung smart TV, 2nd is PS4 Console and the 1st place goes to Dell laptop. Starting selling any of these items won’t start easy as the market is very competitive so it is important to get reliable suppliers with competitive prices. This is the most difficult part of starting your business it isn’t easy finding reliable suppliers online as many of what you will come across will be scammers. Read here more on how to avoid scam. We offer you to avoid this struggle of going through shady places of the web instead you will get a list with verified wholesalers, and you will be able to enter the market with competitive prices. Learn more on what we offer.

Standing out from the rest

This might come as no surprise, standing out from your competitors is a good thing, you need to catch your potential customers eyes. There is a way how you can do that – Ebay offers for you to customize your stores appearance. Make your page look eye-catching and at the same time trustworthy. This will help to keep your customers buying from you more. If you decide to sell mobile phones, it might be also a good idea to sell accessories for them.


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