Company list update – 104 legitimate wholesale companies.

We have updated our company list of verified, legitimate mobile phone wholesale companies.

In the list of contact details we have 104 legitimate mobile phone wholesale companies.

All companies deal with genuine and original mobile phones like Apple, Blackberry, Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, Sony Ericsson,  LG, etc.

Companies are located in following countries:

United States – 27 Singapore – 4
France – 2 Poland – 1
United Kingdom – 14 Spain – 4
Denmark – 2 Sweden – 1
United Arab Emirates (UAE) – 9 Netherlands – 4
Italy – 2 Slovakia – 1
Germany – 9 Canada – 3
Portugal – 1 India – 1
Hong Kong – 8 Austria – 3
Bulgaria – 1 Czech Republic – 3
Hungary – 3 Romania – 1

1 thought on “Company list update – 104 legitimate wholesale companies.”

  1. Good day
    I am writing in respect of my client who seeks your partnership in business. My client is a dealer in Mobile Phones and accessories. He started in small scale purchase from major marketers here in Nigeria and has grown in the business financially and now wants to import the goods himself in bulk and supply to retailers. He has been duped on two occasions as he tried to do that through friends and fellow business partners as we were made to understand contacting us.
    My client seeks a much intimate relationship with your company as he feels unsafe dealing online without a proper knowledge of who is at the other end. He will feel much safe meeting you in person and inspecting your goods before any business relationship will be established and transaction begins.
    This letter is to bring to your notice our prospective intents and how we could forge ahead. Kindly feed us back if our request can be granted.
    Enoch Kingsley

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