Apple iPhone 5 Wholesale UK Verified Supplier

Verified UK supplier from the list offer wholesale iPhone 5 physical stock.

Contact following iPhone 5 supplier from the list for more details:

Supplier #1:
Apple iPhone 5 16Gb, UK spec. – 100pcs
Apple iPhone 5 32Gb, UK spec. – 50pcs
Available also :
Apple The New iPad WIFI+4G 16GB Euro spec. – 300pcs

Contact also other suppliers from the list to get information when they will have iPhone 5 available.

Buy our Wholesale Supplier list, and you will be able to see contact details of the above wholesale company!


24 thoughts on “Apple iPhone 5 Wholesale UK Verified Supplier”

    1. WTB !!
      I Want iPhone 5 At Only Wholesale Price In Bulk Quantity….

      Can Any Provide Me Real Supplier………..

      iPhone 5: Target Prices 2100 AED / 365 GBP / 575 $ / 425 EURO

      Apple iPhone 5 Factory Unlocked Brand New Sealed Unopened No Repacked No Refurbished No Used No Damage No Reseal.

      Model No: A 1429

      Network: GSM & 4G LTE

      Memory: 16 GB

      Specs: UK USA Singapor

      Color: White & Black

      Faisal Fakhar

      Email: tryinghard****

      FaceBook: tryinghard****

      Skype: faysal_mughal_****

      Mobile & Whatsapp & Viber +92-336-144****

      Address: New Salalah Near Mosque Al- Qaboos, Oman

  1. I need to get 50 pecs of iPhone 5 16GB & 32GB and iPhone 4s 16GB & 32GB and mini ipad, and ipad2and 3
    Shipping to United states.
    And how much will cost pair each one?
    Wating your answer

    Best wishes

  2. Hi,
    I need 5 pieces of iPhone 5 16gb. How much is one iPhone 5 16gb ? I need shipping to Iceland and we can work out some deals.
    Best regards,

  3. Need 100-200pcs of iphone 5 16gb black/white assorted, Factory unlocked , factory Sealed shipped to UAE Please quote, Would like to buy100 pcs of iMacs all four models assorted as well

    1. I need five thousand iPhone 5 16g, 32g black or white 50%|50%, factory unlocked in minimal price. i need shipping in Finland. Waiting your answer.
      Best regards.

  4. hello

    can you please send me an email providing the prices and minimum order.



  5. Send me prices list need lot of models.

    Iphone 3G, 3Gs, 4, 4s, 5 – Unlocked Phones
    Ipads all models
    iPods all models


  6. May i get the pricelist for iphone 5 and 4s factory unlocked
    Also ipads & ipod touch
    Minimum order requirements also.

  7. Can you please inform me on pricing for iphone 5 32gb for 20 phones.

    Email me on rab******

    Thank you

  8. Hello,
    I’m willing to buy 50+ pieces of iPhone5 16/32GB so plz if u can send me the price list then do so.


  9. i am a cell phones wholesaler in egypt i need to buy 100 pcs of iphone 5 and 50 pcs of samsung s4 ( ALL NEW AND UNLOCKED PHONES ) and i can buy them in uk and export it by myself ,,,

  10. we are interested in apple iphone5 16gb in black and white color, what will be CIF rate for Ludhiana Punjab India, Revert back payment mode and weather we can have payment against delivery through Fedex

  11. selling iPhone 6,6 Plus,iPhone 5S Gold, Samsung Note 5,4,3/S6,S5,S4,S3,INBOX me now for more details.

    Nicolas Handy
    Contact Details:
    Email Address : mobil****
    Skype Chat: Emobile*****

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