Apple iPhone 5, iPad 4 & iPad Mini Wholesale Europe

Latest stock list from our Apple wholesale suppliers in Europe.

Contact following iPhone 5, iPad 4 & iPad mini wholesale suppliers from the list for more details:

Supplier #6:
Apple iPhone 5 16Gb, UK spec., in stock 300pcs
Apple iPhone 5 32Gb, UK spec., in stock 30pcs
Apple iPhone 5 64Gb, UK spec., in stock 20pcs

Supplier #12:
Apple The New iPad 4 Retina WIFI 16GB, Euro spec., in stock 100pcs
Apple iPad mini WIFI 16GB, Euro spec., in stock 50pcs

Supplier #4:
Apple iPhone 5 16Gb, Euro spec., in stock 35pcs

Buy our Wholesale Supplier list, and you will be able to see contact details of the above Apple wholesale suppliers!


5 thoughts on “Apple iPhone 5, iPad 4 & iPad Mini Wholesale Europe”

  1. i’m interested buying wholesale mobiles 75 pieces !! original unlock !!
    iphones 5 \ 32gb \ 64gb ipads 3rd \ mini ipads \ 32gb \ 64gb !!
    retailers . wholesalers send best cheapest prices offers !!
    by email soon as can by email !!

    bader al al;i

  2. Want to buy 200-300 pieces of Original Apple item – IPHONE 5S 64GB
    Delivery to – LATVIA

    Write your offer : mk0***

  3. I’m interested in buying a bulk of iPhone 5’s 16 GB. I would like to know the prices of the different suppliers. I’m looking in the range of 100 pieces for the first delivery.

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